Rabbit-filled playground

Delightfully bizarre. That was Nuit Blanche 2010 at cinquante-neuf in Paris. Live music playing off the second-floor balcony, and alternatively in the ground-floor gallery . . . 20-second street performances in the middle of rue de Rivoli . . . collaborative painting on trucks and toile . . . men dressed scalp to toe in spandex bodysuits, all colors of the rainbow, plus camouflage . . . artists invited for one-night shows throughout 30 ever-evolving studios . . . spontaneous musical collaborations . . . and weaving through all of it, Paul Toupet‘s tireless team of dancing, traffic-stopping rabbits.

One of the lapin crew surveying pedestrian traffic

Mr Gaspard Delanoë welcoming guests at the front door

Crossing Rivoli, the facade of 59

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome...rabbit stopping traffic

Sidewalk view from the second-floor balcony/stage

Suisse Marocain finishing the collaborative truck painting

Spandex on parade

20-second street happening every time the traffic light turns red

Night of the living dead...rabbits...in traffic

Three lapins and a Manuel Baldassare painting



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  1. Rene Rodriguez Says:

    Nice photos!

  2. paris (im)perfect Says:

    Wow! What a night! What photos! Awesome, Dani.

  3. Lycraboy Says:

    Hello Danielle…
    i added few of your pics on my blog http://lycrazentai.blogspot.com !!

  4. lecca Says:

    J’aime tes photos autant que toi Dani !

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