The Mother Ash

This tree is 550 years old. She (because I call her the mother tree) was struck by lightening around 1850. She’s protected by Norway and has a plaque nailed to the side of her that faces the Kloster Fjord, but her trunk has grown around it so you can’t see what it says. Her roots are tangled in the stone wall that runs along side of her, and because the lightening ripped her open, she can shelter you from the rain. Her trunk bulbs out in several areas that make very nice places to sit or nap. I visit her daily, and last night decided to light her up while the sky was clear and the moon was bright. For scale, I sat in my usual spot inside her trunk, and lit myself with a flashlight.

Self portrait in the great Halsnøy ash tree

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2 Responses to “The Mother Ash”

  1. s Says:

    ♥wow j’adore! i can see many kind faces inside the mother tree and one child on the left looking at the stars who really attracts my attention…the mother tree seems very healthy, protective and chose the perfect name for that beautiful ancient ash tree:) and you look like a little elf visting her:) wow I love so much your picture, I would love to meet the mother tree:) ♥ love your post!

  2. Danielle Voirin Says:

    Thanks Sylvie! This tree is strong enough to last at least a hundred more years, so maybe you will meet her!

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