Commedia Volante

This year’s Nuit Blanche was as enchanting as last year’s was bizarre. In the center of Paris, on a shopping street across from an H&M and a McDonald’s, two Italian trapeze artists made us all feel like kids again.

On Saturday night, Monsieur Marco Mannucci and Madame Alessandra Lanciotti, of the group Mattatoio Sospeso, performed their piece entitled Commedia Volante, while suspended from the facade of 59 rue de Rivoli, accompanied by violin, accordion and roaring traffic.

It was one of the most fun & magical things I’ve seen quite some time.

Madame Alessandra Lanciotti, La Femme Volante, se prépare

Monsieur Marco Mannucci

Femme volante paniquée

Couple volante

Smiling Trapeze

Les Amants du Ciel

Flying au dessous de la rue

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4 Responses to “Commedia Volante”

  1. Sion Dayson @ paris (im)perfect Says:

    This is so cool! Gosh, I should get out to 59 Rivoli more. Always something amazing going on, even outside of Nuit Blanche!

  2. Danielle Voirin Says:

    Yeah, they’re a pretty animated bunch! ;)

  3. Amanda Says:

    stunning shots! absolutely love this series. just curious: are these digital or film?

  4. Danielle Voirin Says:

    Thank you Amanda.
    They were all shot with the 5D.

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