Today at Iris

“My reflexion scares me when I see it in the metro window. Some people are staring, some raise their eyebrows when they see my face. My head feels hot then cold. I wonder if my scalp is blushing.”

I wrote this in a notebook I carried with me in Paris, in the weeks after I shaved my head. It’s not an easy city for a woman to be bald. It showed me how conservative Paris is, how much I prefer to be the one looking rather than the thing looked at, and made me start writing with a vengeance from this new perspective.

Today at 2pm I’m giving a talk in Cincinnati, at the Iris BookCafé & Gallery, where I have a show of three series of self portraits, together entitled FEMME. It’s the first time I’m showing my work in my own country.

Installation at Iris BookCafé & Gallery. Cincinnati, Ohio.

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2 Responses to “Today at Iris”

  1. Stefan Washburn Says:

    Thanks for coming to speak with us today. Loved it. Love the way you challenge other’s expectations and remain true to yourself. Much appreciated, refreshing.

    I also liked your comment about the transition from sleeping to waking, that it is difficult because of the power of the dream state. I feel exactly the same way. I also think that not everyone care as much about that side of the personality, which indicates to me that you are likely to be an intuitive person, closely in touch with your soul.

    This is pretty much born out by your comments on the Curiosity series, your motivation to experience it firsthand, instead of observing someone else. Your approach has real integrity. A beautiful spirit you are, to be sure.

  2. Danielle Voirin Says:

    Thank you so much Stefan.
    It was really a pleasure to be there.

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