Homesick for the just out of reach

La nostalgie pour ce qu’il reste toujours hors de la portée

I have just put this short series of photos online,
please check them out –> here.

People keep asking, “Why homesick?” “What do you mean out of reach?” The title is the most apt description of the way I was feeling, and these photos were happening at that same time. They belonged together.

I think it’s about the ache. The desire to create something that speaks honestly of who you are, what your experience of the world feels like. The places you look for nourishment. Looking with such intensity, almost desperate for a sort of x-ray vision, to understand the experience of the sky, the changing light on the sea, the time twisting in the tree.

I’m inside this singular mind, seeing through these two eyes, aching always to see farther, to a place I haven’t been, yet is somehow familiar.

and… I was listening to Bob’s Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie almost every day.
God bless ’em.

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