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DesCollages in Arles

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

I had a great time in Arles this year. Most of us have likely read the reviews by now, and while the “In” festival may have been underwhelming, Arles was, as always, a great place to network and spend time with people I don’t often get to see in person.

And the “off” festival is getting bigger and better every year. This year I decided to continue in Arles, the work I began last October during les Rencontres Photographiques du 10e in Paris.

rue du Grand Couvent

rue du Grand Couvent

So on most nights, after vernissages, dinners, projections, and parties, I took my broom and bucket out and pasted up my street exhibition in the off-off festival. In the process, I met Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis VI, who were pasting up (with admirable precision) their series Blossom (love it) and watched the evolution of Delphine Henry and her group’s series “Parade,” titled after François Hebel’s name for this years festival. I loved the silent collaboration, placing my work among theirs.

rue de la Calade

rue de la Calade

rue Docteur Fanton

rue Docteur Fanton

Close-up on rue Dr Fanton.  I love the wall textures and wrinkles

Close-up on rue Dr Fanton. I love the wall textures and wrinkles

rue des Penitents Bleus

rue des Penitents Bleus

rue des Penitents Bleus, a spot that became more and more full as the week went on

rue des Penitents Bleus, a spot that became more and more full as the week went on

rue Portagnel

rue Portagnel

rue de l'Hotel de Ville

rue de l’Hotel de Ville

rue du Grand Couvent, someone didn't appreciate this one.

rue du Grand Couvent, someone didn’t appreciate this one.

A la santé de ceux qui osent encore…en Arles

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Last night in Arles.

Cheers to those who still dare

Cheers to those who still dare

The Rencontres festival did not take risks, it largely stuck to the usual suspects,
this is a shout out to the festival-off, and off-off.

DesCollages dans la rue, a magazine!

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Happy July 4th! Before I go buy some sparklers to put in my tarte citron, I want to share this magazine I just finished making with Blurb (it’s so fun to make a magazine!). You can preview some of the pages below. And if you’re in Arles next week for the festival, you may see some of these photos as you’re walking from café terrace to photo exhibition!

My first magazine

My first magazine

Dog-walker in twilight

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Tonight in Arles, a man in black walks up and down his street,
being walked by his dogs.

My Arles 2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Hey, just posting a quick update because I said earlier I would write more about Arles. I DID, but it’s over here on Photoinduced!

Please go check it out. I recapped my experience with the portfolio reviews, the exhibit that took my breath away, the reasons I love Arles, and well, some photos too of course…

(Thanks Damon!)

Looking at the Marin Karmitz collection, Les Rencontres de la Photo, Arles 2010.

Château Voirin

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Taking a break from Arles @ Beauduc.

Château Voirin à Beauduc, tolerantly worn away by the waves

Rencontre with Duane Michals in Arles

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Fresh back from Arles, for the annual Rencontres de la Photographie.

Last year I just wanted to meet Koudelka and I got that chance when I passed him in the street one night. This year’s highlight was meeting Duane Michals, the self-proclaimed “destroyer of the decisive moment.”

I knew some of his work, (excellent interview here if you don’t), but did not anticipate his personality. He was possibly the most delightful person in Arles this week. He gave of himself freely and joyfully, telling stories, making jokes and hurling Obama-style encouragement, “yes you can, go do it!”

Thursday evening he presented a slideshow of his work. He danced his way over to the microphone, in a courageously-attempted moonwalk. He began with “un-PC” jokes that got everyone laughing and then he howled at the full moon.

He told the crowd of photo pros and aficionados (Koudelka was lying on the ground down in front) to take risks and ask questions, to go find your own visual language. Gary Winogrand walked out of his first show, saying “that’s not photography.” Luckily Duane has confidence in abundance. It’s contagious.

For someone needing an ass-kicking in confidence (um, me…), his words help.

On being a photographer, he offered this:
“You are either defined by the medium or you re-define the medium based on your own needs. Now go do it.”

Duane and I, after he gave a tour of his expo.  Arles 2009.

Duane and me, after he gave a tour of his expo. Arles 2009.