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Reading Cones in winter

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

I have always loved photographing sculpture, since those first assignments in my Jane Addams Community Center photo class in Chicago. It was during that time that I shot this photo, early one morning on my way to an office job in the Loop.

That typical Chicago winter weather made Richard Serra‘s “Reading Cones” stand out in a way that made me jump out of the car. Had I ever really seen this sculpture before that morning?

I’ve always liked this photo, and have given it as a gift, but this print has spent most of the last decade hidden away in a box. Last week, while hanging photos at home, I needed something vertical to fit a space in my installation and went searching for the one print I knew I had of the Reading Cones, on a soft matte fine art paper.

Now that it’s up there, I love living with it on my wall. It is grounding, regal, quiet and confident. And, it merits being printed bigger than the A4 I modestly permitted it.

Richard Serra's Reading Cones in Chicago's Grant Park.

Richard Serra’s Reading Cones in Chicago’s Grant Park.

No pictures

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

“Ma’am no pictures during take-off and landing. That’s FAA. Please turn it off.”

I thought of closing the window like a spoiled brat and asking, “Am I still allowed to look? Without the freedom to make a photo, I don’t want to look.”

I’m over it now, or will be soon, but I really hate being called Ma’am.

Midwestern clover, where dad was driving as I landed