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Poetry from the evidence

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

This is the greeting card I’m sending out for 2014, taken at the Théâtre de la Pleine Lune this summer, on a full-moon night when Malavika Klein danced Bharata Natyam for us. It is a dance I had no experience with, a dance so rich in imagery, a real poetry expressed through the human body.

I look at it and think about what I want from my photography, what I want it to contribute to the world. Magic comes to mind. Moments of magic. Like when Robert Frank, in the November 1951 issue of Life said, “When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”

And when Jay Maisel said, “There was a phrase that Arthur Miller used – ‘I’m trying to create the poem from the evidence.’ I’m not trying to change anything that’s in front of me, I’m trying to give it respect and I’m trying to call attention to it.”

I want my photos to be a place you want to spend time. A space of grace and light. And if I see these qualities where someone else does not, I hope I can be an effective translator.

Strip revisited

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

I spent the evening with an inspiring friend, choreographer Gaëlle Bourges, whose work I’ve photographed on a number of occasions and who is soon to be the subject of a book. Tonight we made some new selections of photos taken in the last five years and one thing we revisited was a performance she created for Paris’s Nuit Blanche in 2007 called Strip.

It was pretty intense, to witness this erotic and humorous show in the center of Paris (next to Les Halles!) on the night of the World Cup quarter-finals in rugby when France beat New Zealand. While three women stripped and teased in these sulfurously-lit phone booths, the cafés and streets all around were full of cheering testosterone.

More photos here.

Marianne Chargois, as the fun begins.

Nuit Blanche 2007, Alice Roland and Marianne Chargois.

World in Parentheses

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Last weekend, my friend  Jocelyne Danchick‘s dance company performed her piece Le Monde Entre Parentheses at the Deborah Zafman gallery.  I’ve known Jocelyne almost since I arrived in Paris and have photographed her work, her dancers, and her process.  She inspires me again and again as I watch her pieces evolve, and she has gathered in her company some of the most lovely collaborators. 

Last weekend’s performance was special in its intimacy, being in a gallery space rather than in a theater, and surrounded by the striking works of Marcos Carrasquer.   Here’s a look at her creation.