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Painting in traffic

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

At 59 we sometimes paint on the walls.

Tonight the artist hosted by our gallery painted in the street.

Emmanuel Flipo likes to throw pigments to the wind.

Gaki arrives through a cloud of Flipo's performance

Flipo draws in the street in front of the 59 Rivoli gallery

Flipo making his déssin on rue de Rivoli

Flipo’s exhibition will be on view in the gallery until May 2nd.
59 rue de Rivoli, 75001. Paris.

Barbès – Pas Grave

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

The Vagabond Gallery is back!

For five days only, and with more events possibly to follow.

Tonight it opened with the usual suspects from 59 rue de Rivoli, plus a good crowd of friends and colleagues. The nomadic event is held in temporarily unused spaces in Paris and transformed for short-periods into a gallery. Terry Milgrom and Vincent Ange are the primary organizers, but it takes a village of artists to make it happen.

This one will be around until Sunday, with the finissage being Saturday night.

98 rue Doudeauville, 75018, Metro Château Rouge

Bruno Dumont sits underneath one of his paintings, with Suisse Marocain and Michel Vray, in the store-front section of the current Vagabond Gallery at 98 rue Doudeauville, Paris

The store-front Vagabond Gallery space at 98 rue Doudeauville contains works from Bruno Dumont, Etsuko Kobyashi, Suisse Marocain, Francesco10 and Sebastien Lecca

Artist Etsuko Kobyashi in front of Barbès-Pas Grave

Artist Emmanuel Flipo in front of the piece he made for the Vagabond Gallery

Michel Vray, neon-lit

La grande espace

Art installation, live music, beautiful solid stone walls...

love these lights, must get some...

L'Amour in front of Suisse's painting, C'est Pas Grave

Vincent Ange, a procurer of space and creator of the Vagabond Gallery

Le Suisse Marocain