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Happy Hauntings…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

From the series Disappearances, at Halsnoy Kloster.

My haunted photo

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I didn’t touch the negative. I didn’t move the filter. The paper was fresh. It hadn’t been exposed to any light that was shaped like a finger. I swear to all of the above. So I don’t have a physical explanation for it.

I was in the darkroom for almost 5 hours, ready for a break, and decided to make one last print. It was too dark, so I thought to myself (again), “ok just one more, then I’m done for today.” Except that the next one had something strange on it that looked like… I put the thought away, because it was on this day and I was a little jumpy in that old house, standing there in the dark on a basement floor of centuries-old stones that used to be the walls of a church.

So. I quickly (frantically) made another print, trying not to think about WHAT had just interfered with my process. The new print was just fine, and as soon as it was safely in the fix I turned those lights on fast and I was packing up. I didn’t even really look at the print until days later when I was back in Paris.

So, what exactly are those shapes, and who put them there?

Bed sheets, un-disturbed

Bed sheets, un-disturbed

Bed sheets, with ghostly interference

Bed sheets, with ghostly interference

There are two distinct shapes, almost a 3rd. Since they’re white, it means the corresponding objects were opaque, and placed above the paper, thus blocking the light. But no one else was there but me, and I didn’t do it. One shape looks like a distinctly male organ, and because it’s a photo of my sheets, it’s a bit of a ghostly joke. Though it could also be a dismembered finger. That other thing, which is slightly 3D, I’ve no clue…