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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Impossible Project, a name designed to keep our expectations low?

I like sending polaroids in the mail. These are on their way to St. Louis.

Diptych on rue Albert Thomas

He didn’t even have a name

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I was taking my Polaroid Impulse down off the shelf when he jumped. Everyone had always made fun of him but I thought he felt accepted here. From now on, my August 27th will be Garden Gnome Appreciation Day. Yes, I will try to remember that. Sorry little man, I just wanted to try my new, 20€-for-only-8-shots Impossible Project film… Merde.

Gnomo muerto

PS. This was taken with the Lumix G3, my new favorite camera. It’s like a sweet little baby SLR and among the many reasons I’m enjoying it is that you can change the aspect ratio, so I can finally shoot square, digitally. Now, back to this polaroid…

PPS. A note on Mr Gnome’s history. Just after I moved to Paris, he arrived in the mail from my Grandmother in St. Louis who saw him in a Macy’s window display. He wasn’t for sale, but as the movie Amélie was still fresh in everyone’s minds, they sold it to her. And, other than 5 Parisian arrondissements, that’s the farthest he ever traveled.