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Strange Things

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Fear can be so annoying. I was alone in the big old house this afternoon when the electricity went out. I was printing in the basement darkroom. I had just put paper in the developer tray, and when everything went black I immediately abandoned it and fled upstairs. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were singing “Strange things are happening everyday…” on my computer.

No fuses were blown, no apparent reason for it. Perhaps someone was working on the line. Not long afterward the lights came back, at the same time a student from the folkehøgskule came to play the piano in the “green room.”

Back down in the darkroom, I could hear his beautiful music through the ceiling and it calmed my nerves. I spent the rest of the day printing without any other weirdness. Wait, except one thing, but it can probably be explained. I’ll write about that in a later post.

The orange room with red curtains. My bedroom window in the un-haunted house on Halsnoy.

A Picture of My Paranoia

Monday, September 6th, 2010

are we talking about spiders again?

breath in, breath out. yes.

i have tried three times to kill her, and each time she retreats into that old gap between the wall and the floor. but i don’t want to kill her anymore. i’m trying non-violence. i just don’t want her biting me in my sleep. would she do that?

every night i shine a flashlight in the corner.
every other night she is:
not there.

it’s now 2:30am, let’s be reasonable.
and let’s look at this situation through the camera.

i have traveled and slept in poorly-insulated buildings in a rain forest,
how on earth can i let this bother me?