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Before the paint was dry

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

This is half-way to the creation of a photo I had in mind, whose end result is, I think, quite remarkable. It is on display in the 59 Rivoli gallery in Paris until Sunday.

Looking at this half-way-there photo, I hope it doesn’t negatively surprise my grandmother, who, in response to some of my self-portrait work once said, “Just don’t resort to miming.” This of course begs the question, what would push a person to “resort” to miming…? “I’m at the end of my rope, there’s nothing left, somebody pass me the white makeup!”

I love you Granny T.

On the way to Adaptation, painted by Paola Noe Murphy

Collaborative Door Painting

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I was looking at those brown doors last night, remembering their old red, yellow and purple and thought, when are we going to paint them?

A little while later, while contemplating my collage in the 4th floor hallway, Gaki walked by holding a tall paintbrush with a bright dab of yellow at the end. There was a matching dab on his cheek.

What are you up to? I asked.

He said, with his characteristic smile, on peins la porte, viens.
(We’re painting the door, come.)

You don’t have to tell me twice.

Details of the collaboration's rainbow of fruity flavors

Slimane paints a base coat in blue

Saverio Montella paints with two brushes simultaneously

Suisse Marocain and Barry, who accompanied the painters with song and dance

Suisse and Gaki at the door-painting party

Francesco adds his signautre style

Suisse Marocain closes the doors of 59 rue de Rivoli for the night. To be finished tomorrow...

“Also Women Can Paint” : Suisse Marocain