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Lumière instantanée

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

There’s a bookstore in paris, le 29, where I always get inspired. I could easily spend 300€ in a blink each time I go. But I don’t. I browse, I get inspired, my heart grows.

And, each time I look for that Andreï Tarkovski book. I know exactly where it is, and like an old friend, I greet it on every visit, but for whatever reason, I never buy it.

But the other day I went to the bookshop window to check out their display and was draw inside by a new book from the photographer JR. Once inside, having just opened the book, I thought of the Tarkovski. I put down JR and went straight over and bought it.

Why is this book special? It consists of Polaroids – mostly landscapes, his wife Larissa, son Andreï and dog Dak – and bits of text, which seem to hold hands across the page like dear friends, each saying different things and together arriving at something more. His sensitivity touches me deeply and I can spend time with each photo, I want to wander into them. They’re not two dimensional. And neither is his writing. His thoughts on where ideas come from, what a photo is or isn’t, and where we are in the universe resonate with me like the title, in a flash of light.

Nous sommes crucifiés dans une seule dimension,
quand l’univers, lui, est multi-dimensionnel.
Nous le sentons, et souffrons
de ne pouvoir connaître la vérité.
Mais connaître n’est pas nécessaire.
Ce qu’il faut, c’est aimer.
Et croire.
Car la foi, c’est la connaissance par l’amour.


Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Impossible Project, a name designed to keep our expectations low?

I like sending polaroids in the mail. These are on their way to St. Louis.

Diptych on rue Albert Thomas