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Ile du Guesclin

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Another post going back to the roots… As they call it in France, “l’argentique.” I’m pretty excited about the idea of shooting digitally, making negatives from those files and printing à l’ancien, as in cyanotype, gum bichromate, and the like. Earlier this month I had an intro to those older processes, and starting today have a weekly slot in a collective darkroom 10 minutes from my flat. Wednesdays my perfume will be fixateur.

As excited as I was this morning, I found myself questioning the whole process (“I could do this in five minutes in Photoshop if I scanned the neg, is this really worth my time?” and so on…) Then a magical error happened. I had taken out the negative to blow off some dust, and when I put it back, I set it up on the frame just next to the one I was working on (a frame I hadn’t chosen to print). I didn’t realize it, exposed the paper as before and got a completely different result. Obviously. I didn’t understand right away what happened, but loved the unexpected image that resulted.

This isn’t a new story. But it reminded me one of the reasons why I was there, and why I still enjoy shooting film.

on a blustery day.

Leaving the Ile du Guesclin, on a blustery day.

My intro to alternative processes

Friday, March 8th, 2013

After a 2-day cyanotype & gum bichromate initiation workshop, these are a couple of my best results. I thought the gum was lost, but after 45 minutes and a lot of hot water, the image on my heavy-handedly-coated paper finally appeared out of pure black. This is the original photo, which I thought would be a decent one to test out these deliciously imperfect processes. It was printed out on transparency as a negative to then print by contact.

Gum bichromate on Canson watercolor paper

Gum bichromate on Canson watercolor paper

The best in a long line of cyanotype trials.

Cyanotype on Canson watercolor paper.

Cyanotype on Canson watercolor paper.

Thanks Jean Gabriel Lopez for being such a patient teacher!