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rue des Déchargeurs

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

DesCollages on rue des Déchargeurs.

It’s a short street in front of 59 rue de Rivoli, named siége des Déchargeurs in 1300, for the workers (déchargeurs) unloading stock for Les Halles market. You can’t see it here in the dark, but on the left at number 3 is the Théâtre des Déchargeurs. Built in 1708, the wiki page has photos of the façade by Eugene Atget. How wonderful it would be to have an Atget app for smartphones. Someone must be working on that. I hope someone is working on that.

Rue des Déchargeurs, Paris.  February, 2014.

Rue des Déchargeurs, Paris. February, 2014.

Mr Fish doesn’t like to be photographed

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Or maybe he just likes to play…

Mister P times three

François Poisson works and plays at 59 rue de Rivoli.

He shares clay and paint,
and will make room for you at his table
if you’re nice.