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Halsnøy Kloster, 8:20pm

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

First night in the Halsnøy Kloster. I’m here doing a 3-week residency on an island at the southern end of the Hardanger Fjord, between the mainland and the island of Stord. It’s so wonderfully quiet, except when the cows are hungry.

Searching for Silence

Monday, May 11th, 2009

i’m standing in the shadows on a wide, red-dirt road,
wet and lumpy from yesterday’s rain,
that begins and ends in darkness.

on the corner, a bare light bulb is hanging.
in the middle of the road, the light doesn’t reach me.

in strong brown boots, i stand carrying only a borrowed book.
a hotel key to bungalow number 7 is in the pocket of my jeans.

to the right and left, sleeping houses are sheltering families,
their windows hidden by burly dark bushes.

a stray dog stops in the yellow light at the corner,
he looks in my direction while peeing on a parked car
and then moves on.

i look up at the sky and see more stars than i remember ever seeing.
the air is cool. i keep still, listening to the symphony of night bugs.

i am relieved to be out of buenos aires.
away from the noise,
out of the pollution.

i take a deep breath,
the air is tinged with gasoline.