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Here’s sun in your eyes

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Paris weather can be so disappointing, but at the end of the day when your hope is gone, the sun sometimes puts on a quick show and you think, “Paris, you bitch, you are beautiful.”

Paris, 11e.

A Day in Mendoza

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Immediate impressions from a day in Mendoza.

Two minutes before this photo, I was stopped on the street and told to be careful with the camera in this neighborhood. I appreciated the warning. Since leaving Buenos Aires the eyes in the back of my head had been taking more frequent breaks.

car carcasse in mendoza

Car carcasse in Mendoza



Somewhere Over the Autopista

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

I moved this week. I wanted to see the city from higher up.

Sitting in my bed on the 14th floor, I look out on the autopista 25 de mayo and it feels like the building is in its path. Lying down I see the sky and think of Georgia O’Keefe being drawn to New Mexico.

Looking out on autopista 25 de mayo

Looking out on autopista 25 de mayo

But on the ground…
on the ground in Buenos Aires is another experience.

Walking on loose sidewalk tiles concealing muddy pools of water that splash your feet,

you don’t hear your cell phone ringing above all the noise.

You hold your breath crossing the street in the billowing black cloud left behind by the bus.

You keep your bag close and look over your shoulder.

You duck into a kiosco searching for something that costs 1 peso so you can get enough change in this short-of-change city to take the bus.

You keep walking because at the kiosco “no hay moneda.”

You smile sweetly at the banker and get 10 pesos worth of coins instead of the allotted 5.

You hear a honk, a “tsst tsst,” or an “hola mama,” grit your teeth and get used to it.

You step into the middle of the street to get the bus driver to stop, then jump off at your destination as he slows down just enough.

Then aaaahh, you hear the ubiquitous bandoneon coming from the music store door,

While the cartoneros on the corner work on sorting today’s garbage.

You stop at your favorite café with its black-and-white tiled floor to get a café con leche and buttery medialunas.

You say Hola to all of your neighbors, who recognize you on the second meeting.

You get lifted up to piso 14 and lie down and look at the sky.

Setting west over the autopista

Setting west over the autopista

Buenos Aires in black

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I went to Colonia, Uruguay earlier this week to look around, get some fresh air. A calm three hour boat ride across the Rio de la Plata gets you there. On the return trip, we all watched the sun sink into the Buenos Aires skyline. I’m not sure how many people really watched, most looked through a phone, a compact or an dSLR.   Sunset photos are some of the most boring, so I won’t share mine (well, I couldn’t resist it completely).  Instead, here is the city dressed for night.

Approaching Buenos Aires, 10pm

Approaching Buenos Aires, 10pm

The air is thick in Buenos Aires

Thursday, February 19th, 2009


But it´s supposed to rain tomorrow.  

I arrived in BsAs yesterday to a warm welcome and a hot sun.  Below are my first impressions, and also my first photos with my Lumix.  

Resulting from numerous warnings about theft, I bought a compact camera to use in the street when alone.  It was a tough decision as I hate compacts.  I didn’t want to give up any of the quality and functionality of my 5D just because someone might take it from me.  The Lumix feels like a silly toy.  We’ll see how it goes, I saw a few people with “big” cameras on the street today. 

That said, my back doesn’t mind traveling lighter and I’m learning how not to shoot through a viewfinder.   And even to not look at all, as the sun is so damn strong, I can’t see the screen anyway.  


Big plants, colorful walls


Hot sun, less-hot garden

Hot sun, less-hot garden


Hot chicas at the obelisk

Hot chicas at the Obelisk